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Women and the Heart of Belen (2023)

The debut documentary from NOProductions co-founder Tina Raven-Kingson about a small town in New Mexico, the strong women who formed it, the businesses that grew it and its people's perseverance through COVID-19

Directed by: Tina Raven-Kingson

2020: The Dumpster Fire (2022)

Available on Apple TV, Google Play,, VUDU and more!

The film follows Antifa performance artist Rod Webber and his satirical political campaign during the 2020 Presidential Election. Webber merrily trolls the opposition candidates accompanied by Lauren Pespisa (The Hacker Wars) and political satirist Vermin Supreme. When George Floyd is murdered, Webber straps on his gas mask to give a first-hand account of the tumultuous and often brutal protests which erupt across the country. The film concludes with January 6, and Webber’s legal victory over The Trump Campaign and former FBI agent Edward Deck. 

Starring: Jello Biafra, Noam Chomsky, Michael Moorel, Joe Biden

Directed by: Rod Webber

This is Vermin Supreme (2021)

Available worldwide on Vimeo on Demand!

Perennial presidential Candidate and performance artist Vermin Supreme runs for President of the United States during the 2016 election playing both part and spectator to the political divide festering in America. Rod Webber navigates the evolving landscape of American Politics in this comedic gut-punch as Vermin Supreme vies for the highest office in the land.

Starring: Vermin Supreme

Directed by: Rod Webber

Lady Psycho Killer (2015)

Available on Vimeo on Demand, Amazon Prime, TubiTV, Plex and more.

Lady Psycho Killer is a film ready to rock you to the core. A doe-eyed knife-wielding killer is on the loose in a small town slicing and dicing men of questionable intent left and right. As her brutality leaves a town littered with corpses, her unquenchable blood-lust is lost on her young lover who is willing to pursue her regardless of the obvious warning signs of psychosis. Will he meet his end at the end of her blade? She decides who lives or dies!

Starring: Kate Daly, Dennis Andres, Malcolm McDowell, Michael Madsen

Directed by: Nathan Oliver

Damnationland (2015)

Available on DVD at and HERE.

Nathan Oliver participated in the 2015 edition of the renowned horror anthology series Damnationland in 2015 with his short film "We are the Ones". A classic creature feature with a graphic cheese climax, the film highlights Nathan's style as one of the region's no-holds-bar camp-master.

A man becomes the light house keeper on a remote shore in order to escape his past. Unfortunately, his past has followed him there, along with a creature who eats sinners.

Starring: William McDonough, Shea Murphy

Directed by: Nathan Oliver

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The Zombies are Coming to Town! (2011)

Available exclusively as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) from Opensea, Rarible and

The Zombies are Coming to Town! is a clash between the punk-rock style of independent film making and the hilarity of the modern Zombie movie. The film pays homage to such classics as Night of the Living Dead and Return of the Living Dead while leeching off the gore of movies like Darkness: The Vampire Version and Zombie.

Starring: Liz Laplante, John Gagnon, Dana Bagley

Directed by: Nathan Oliver

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